Why to Schedule a Morning Engagement in Central Park

May 18, 2023

Why to schedule an early morning engagement session in Central Park

Central Park is one of the most popular places for engagement sessions in the city. What is New York without Central Park, right? Most New Yorkers spend their weekends here and the park itself is a point of meetings, strolls and weekend activities. No wonder why many engagement couples associate their NYC romance with Central Park and would like to capture their pre-wedding romance in its iconic spots. 

Below are a few reasons why here at LSP we advise our couples to schedule an early morning session in the park.

1. No crowds 

If you are thinking of the iconic Central Park spots like Bethesda Fountain, Bow Bridge, the Mall and Gapstow Bridge, you have a high change to always find them crowded. Between the locals, tourists and performers, it makes it almost impossible to navigate around. As out goal here at LSP is to capture your connection, love and romance, we vote for early mornings to avoid the stress, the tension, or simply the uncomfortable glances from strangers while you are being photographed. I promise, it’s absolutely worth it to get up early and have the park for yourselves – that’s the main reason why we love morning engagement sessions! 

2. The light

While most photographers prefer the golden light (I do love it too!), I also love to take advantage of the sunrise’s soft and silky rays as well. Central Park is perfectly located and its greenery allows the sun to smoothly lighten the ground. There is always enough time to capture all kind of different lighting during a morning session before it gets too bright. 

3. The weather

If you think of New York summer time, the temperatures may rise so high, it’s hard to even leave your comfortable air-conditioned apartment. So here is another reason why to opt-in for an early morning session – the air is still fresh and the temperatures are bearable enough for the two of you to perform your best – cuddle, kiss, stay close without worrying about being uncomfortable (or sweaty) due to the heat. 

4. The fashion 

If you are planning a bold and stylish outfit, but not too sure about “standing out in the crowd”, the morning is definitely for you. As there are no people watching, you can incorporate any outfit you’d like – fun, colorful, glam or dressy. There is literally no one to judge you or stare at you at such early hour. Not sure what to wear, check our Pinterest for inspiration. Turn your morning engagement into an adventure, as if there are only two of you in the big city!

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