Summer Travel Essentials for a Destination Wedding Photographer

July 11, 2023

As a destination wedding photographer, staying efficient and organized when traveling is key. When for some people summer travels appear to be overpacked and exhausting, I find myself thriving on it and can’t imagine how not to take advantage of the summer days anywhere I can. When traveling for work in order to minimize the time spent on unnecessary things to solve or stress to deal with, I bring a few essentials with me all the time to travel as light and organized as I can.

Summer Travel Essentials for a Destination Wedding Photographer

1. Think Tank: THE PERFECT GEAR CARRY-ON roller

The perfect suitcase for all the gear that also fits a laptop and other little accessories. It’s comfortable, durable and carry on friendly. As a photographer, I never want to split with my gear, so I use this exact model for a few years now and it’s been great for both domestic and international travels.

2. MONOS: The most stylish international carry-on

From all the choices out there, Monos has a special place in my heart and closet. Based in Canada, Monos produces top-quality travel products and there mission and approach – to live mindfully, have fewer but better things, and to put people before profit – all of it resonate with me deeply. I’ve become such a big supporter, so I hope you will love them too.

Enjoy 5% off everything with code LarisaShorinaPhotography51. Thank me later! 😉

3. Drone

As I travel more and more in Europe, I can not imagine not bringing a drone with me. I get why drone photography becomes more of the essential in the industry – it’s simply so stunning and offers more perspective on the story telling. My choice of the season is DJI Mini 3 Pro that is relatively weightless, compact and easy to travel with.

4. Become a loyal airline member

Ever since I joined Delta’s SkyMiles, I can not advocate for the benefits of being the airline member more. It makes my international travels seamless and efficient. From the online and phone support to SkyMiles Priority check in, boarding, free luggage drop off, seating upgrades and more. I’m truly a Delta x Amex‘s fan! Ping me if you need an invitation to start with extra-on-extra miles.

5. Sunscreen

Laugh at me or not, but you don’t want to find yourself photographing a three-day event in Italy under 38C/100F sun and become a burnt tomato. I find skincare as important as hydration, healthy eating and self-presentation (aka fashion) at all kind of events. Some of my favorite products that are vegan and without harsh chemicals are: Supergoop! Mineral Powder SPF 35, Supergoop! PLAY Everyday Lotion SPF 50, Caudalie Vinosun Protect Spray Invisible SPF 50.

This year some of my travel destinations include Greece, Italy (Puglia), Sicily, France. Follow on Instagram @larisashorinaphotography or email me at to schedule a love session.

Xx, Larisa.


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