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Did I tell you how excited and honored I am to be your wedding photographer, be a witness of your day and create the memories for you through my lens? I truly am!

My goal is to be your vendor asset, your right hand and to use my expertise to make your day one of a kind. That is why I'd like to be involved, learn more about you and your plans for the day (even if it requires stalking you on insta). The wedding day will fly so fast, and it's important to think through all kinds of details in advance. Without stressing or overwhelming you more than you probably already are at this point, I want to outline a few photography-related things for you to consider when putting the dots together.

Consider investing in a

wedding planner

Your wedding is surely one of the most important days in your life. Hiring a wedding planner or a day-of coordinator can help with executing your ideas and taking care of all the logistics and last minute changes of plans. Remember that your job is to enjoy every minute of the day, not to worry about little things to resolve.

Your wedding planner and I will work together on finalizing the timeline of the day and making sure everything is captured in the best possible way. An experienced wedding planner also knows the needs of a photo-video team and makes sure everything is an a timely order to allow us to create our signature imagery.


Consider having an

engagement session


think about

the location

We believe your wedding location is not only the venue you have chosen for one reason or another. It's also the city and the neighborhood that describes you as a couple and where you have built your memories.

Consider having a continuity and similar aesthetics in your choice of the hotel, first look location and the venue so the entire day has a consistent look and feel. We are also here to help you visualize and propose different spots in the city to incorporate into your day within your timeline.


let's break it down

No. 1


We would normally arrive about half an hour before your MUAH is done and ideally devote 1-1.5h altogether to your getting ready shots that include your wedding details, your bridal party portraits, getting dressed shots and portraits with your family. Think of this time as a joyful anticipation with your closest people before the day kicks off.

You may want to consider…

+ Booking a spacious, visually pleasing place (hotel room or private home) with good natural light and views

+ MUAH trial before the wedding day (perhaps, for our engagement session)

+ Briefing us about your wedding details (does your gown or engagement ring have a special story? does your wedding invitation illustrate all those destinations your travelled while dating?)

+ Steaming all dresses and shirts and having all the details ready prior to our arrival

+ Giving extra time if you plan to mingle with your bridal party and take a few minutes to enjoy this moment

+ Consider allocating at least 30 min of photography for styling and photographing flatlays – it's an important statement of all your carefully chosen wedding details

No. 2

First look

Consider having a first look to spend some time with each other before the day starts officially rolling. We promise to give you the time and space you need and will never count to three to rush the moment. We really enjoy witnessing and capturing your genuine reaction (especially the happy tears) that you may be shy to express during the ceremony when your entire guest list is watching.

Some first look pros:

+ private time with one another before sharing the day with your guests

+ you won't be missing your cocktail hour

+ you can take advantage of visiting the locations between your hotel and venue

+ you'll have some extra time for fashionable portraits and candid walking shots (brides, bring a pair of flats in case our session requires extra walking)

No. 3

family and wedding party photos

For both we would kindly ask you to provide us with the list of all photo combinations you'd like to take so we can make the whole process seamless and time efficient.

We would suggest allocating about 30min-1h for these photos depending on the size of your family and bridal party. We will discuss the location in advance so everyone knows where to meet us. It's useful if you can appoint a person or two on each side to direct a big crowd and make sure everyone is on time.

And yes, we usually keep in mind to remove all phones from pockets or other unnecessary accessories like glasses, purses, etc.

Also let us know of:

+ Any family combinations to avoid or any tension in the family (so we don't make anyone uncomfortable)

+ The size of your bridal party

+ If you prefer the bridal party photos to be more glamorous (vogue-inspired) vs more traditional (or anything else) – we would like to make sure that the posing on photos reflect the vibe of your bridal party

No. 4

Wedding ceremony at The Basilica of St. Patricks Old Cathedral


Here starts the part of the day when we become more of documentary photographers rather than art directors. Events are unfolding fast, and we are being photo ninjas to capture every single moment when possible.

Even though we are not directing much, we still have some suggestions for you to make the ceremony look seamless and timeless.

You may want to consider…

+ requesting an unplugged ceremony – there is nothing more disappointing than a beautiful shot of the bride walking down the aisle being ruined by a guest who blocked the photographer to take some [blurry] snaps on the phone

+ reading your vows from a little handbook – try to avoid reading from your iPhone for at least two reasons: 1) your face is lit with unnatural light and thus will be tinted on photos; 2) it will also look out of fashion in 10 years from today

+ asking your officiant to move to the side during your first kiss

+ for bigger weddings, having two photographers to cover both you and the reaction of your family and guests simultaneously

+ really enjoying and not rushing your exit

No. 5

Cocktail hour & Reception

We require a detailed timeline breakdown for your receptions to make sure we are prepared for the key moments (entrance, first dance, speeches, etc).

Remember to enjoy your time with everyone you gathered together to celebrate you and share the day with. We are there to capture the atmosphere in the room, the happy hugs, the loud cheers and love.

You may want to consider…

+ Other group photos – 1) you can always grab us for any spontaneous group photos during cocktail hour or reception; 2) if you have a list in mind of must-have photos (college friends, extended family, etc), share it with us and let's organize for someone (usually DJ) to call them up so we can do this efficiently

+ Lighting – discuss with your venue what kind of light they use for your entrance and reception. Sometimes they may use a strong purple or green light, which will give a magenta or cyan look to your photos and skin tones (that we try to avoid)

+ Sunset photos – if your timeline and venue location allows, sometimes it's worth to escape for 10-15 min to capture you in the most beautiful golden hour light. Whether it's a Manhattan rooftop or an Upstate field, this will add a different vibe to your gallery and a variety to your portraits together.

Have you ever held in your hands your grandparents' black & white prints and wandered through their time in your imagination? The power of print is timeless, and let's admit, you can easily visualize you showing the printed photographs to your children (and all the magic that comes with it) vs letting them flip through the photos on their phones.


You can print your favorite photos in different formats via your gallery. The Print Store is connected to our favorite lab in the US, and all prints cab be shipped internationally.

No minimum order.


From parent to client albums, we are happy to provide with album design services – you only need to pick your favorite photos from your gallery. After a few revisions, you can approve our design, and we'll take care of the printing and delivery.

Pricing starts at $1,300.

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