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All you ever questioned about

engagements and pre-wedding sessions

What is it all about?

It's all about you, your relationship, your story.

Engagement sessions are an opportunity for us to capture your story and the love you share – the love to one another and to the life you are building together. They allow us to connect with you and get to know you, to capture your pre-wedding romance and to show the real you in a more relaxed environment.

As a result, on your wedding day you won't only have a photographer, but also a friend who you can trust. You will be comfortable in front of the camera and can fully enjoyed the day and be in the moment.

We put together this guidebook so you can think of the little details and plan your session to take the most out of it. Our goal is to make the process enjoyable for you and to create natural and emotional photographs for you to cherish.

To connect with your photographer

to get comfortable in front of the camera



Most of our couples have never had their photos taken professionally before the session. It's likely that you even have difficulties to convince your partner to take a rare selfie. But you probably wish you have more memories captured on camera?

We will show you that it's not difficult at all to be your natural selves in front of the camera, and on your wedding day you will feel like pros. You'll know your angles and will keep in mind your favorites moments.

We'll learn more about each other and on your wedding day you'll see us as your long-time friends. This will help you both be more relaxed and less she to express yourselves in front of the camera.

To take professional photos for your wedding website, save the dates, or wedding guest book

to cover your favorite spots and destinations



And look your fabulous selves!

Sometimes you are limited by your wedding location or timeline and don't have an option to incorporate your favorite places into your day. During an engagement session we can visit your neighborhood, your favorite bar, you first date or first kiss spot – anything that is sentimental and describes YOUR story.

to bring your pup in

to test your hair & Makeup trial in action



Bringing your pet for a session is great chance to take these family photos together without worrying about the timing and getting your wedding dress/suit dirty.

A few tips: 1) arrange that a friend takes care of your dog in between the shots and even takes your pup back home, so we can continue the session; 2) bring a roller in case your pet sheds (this will be easier than Photoshopping every single image).

Not only you'll see how you like your hair and makeup on photos, but you can also test its durability and add some alterations for your wedding day. No one likes this kind of surprises, so it's a must that you have your trial before your wedding.

engagement session vibes

Cozy &


Scenic & Iconic

From Brooklyn Bridge to the Top of the Rock, if you'd like the iconic New York to be a part of your session, let's do it.

We will together work on a mood board and inspiration so the photos reflect your vision.

For those who like to keep it simple and low-key – order food delivery, explore their neighborhood's bars and pizza places, take a walk with their dog in a local park. The charm is in the details, and we'll seek for some imperfect brownstone stoops, amazing light, and signature architecture to add to your photos.

Classy & Editorial

Adventurous & Dreamy

It's like you are dressing up for the Met Gala and going to visit your favorite spots on the way.

We have a list of places in the city in mind that elevate a classy session.

Again, let's talk mood boards and visions and pick up the outfit to make the photos speak for themselves.

No destination is too far if it defines your story and describes your soul. Paris, South of Italy, Greece, LA, Boston – we are happy to follow your romance.

The Process







We'll discuss what you envision and decide on the approximate date for your session. We try to keep our weekends open for weddings, but sometimes have Fri and Sun available. Ideally, we would schedule a session 2-3 hours before the sunset, so depending on the season it's relatively easy to take half day off work toward the end of the day. We are flexible to reschedule if a few days before the session we see that the weather won't cooperate.

Bring your best spirit and remember to enjoy each other. Try to let go of your control and enjoy this magic time and the memories you'll get captured. The rest is on us – we'll make sure we stick to our plan while being open to other inspiring details (such as light and the chemistry between you).

We'll talk about the style of the session that you'd like to go with (use the above vibes as a hint) and what better describes you as a couple. Based on that, we'll pick our locations and have a plan for the session.

I. Regular Session

II. MINI Session

• 2.5h of coverage
• At least 170-200 digital photos
• 2-3 city locations

• High resolution, no watermark digital photographs
• Online gallery with separate Client & Guest access

• Personal printing right

• Access to the Printing Lab

• 1.5h of coverage
• At least 100 digital photos
• 1-2 nearby locations

• High resolution, no watermark digital photographs
• Online gallery with separate Client & Guest access

• Personal printing right

• Access to the Printing Lab

1 18




Seasonality in one of the key indicators for outdoor sessions. Ideally start planning your engagement session at least a year before your wedding, so you can choose from any season. Are you Cherry Blossom or October Foliage people? Snow Storm Adventure Seekers or Sand & Beach Lovers? Make it personal and have fun.

For our regular session we advice to have two outfit options. One is more casual, and the other one is more classy and glamorous. Coordinated looks always look better on photos and subconsciously express deeper connection between two people. We also advice to pair location with your outfits so there is a continuity in your story.

When picking the locations for your session, think out of the box. You don't have to go Central Park just because everyone does. Make it personal – this will make your photos unique and more interesting.

Mix & Match. You can combine the casual outdoor look at your local park and a stylish evening look on the streets of Soho.

A few things to consider:

A few things to consider:

A few things to consider:

steam your clothes before the session

add layers to your looks to add more depth (jackets, vests, accessories, jewelry, etc)

avoid wearing grass green for a summer park session (or any other color when you can blend in the surroundings)

linen is tricky as well as it wrinkles fast

avoid wearing same colors so you don't blend into one another on photos

ladies, bring both heels (if of course you feel like) and flats for walking around

consider bringing a friend who can help with carrying your belongings (so we can focus on more candid relaxed shots)

• places that tell your story and are significant to you

• lighting in different locations (leave it on our expertise and let's brainstorm together on the perfect light + location combo)

• destinations and out of town locations – no place is too far if that describes YOU

• we can accommodate your request even if you don't have the exact date, but you know you'd like to take photos “sometime in spring”. Just let us know and we'll plan our calendar accordingly

• you can think of picking a season for your engagement session that is different from your wedding day season to get a different vibe from your galleries

• sometimes it's worth to embrace the weather (rain or snow) and seek for an adventure


Real Engagement Sessions

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