There is a certain pleasure to hold your photographs in hands, feel the texture of the paper and reminisce about your beautiful wedding day.

As if in a good old movie, imagine picking up your album from the shelve and show your photos to your friends, family and future children over Thanksgiving dinner. We romanticize and imagine these books carrying your past memories and contribute into creating the new ones.

Once you approve the final draft and make the final payment, we'll order the album. It takes a few weeks to get ready. I will have it shipped to our studio first to review and make sure all looks well before sending it to you.

Scroll down to see the design options (album size, fonts, material, etc) and submit the form below so we can have the ball rolling

You can either make a list of favorites in your online gallery (by pressing the heart sign under the photos you like) or export them into a Google Drive folder and share it with us

Once you send us the photos and design choices, we'll collect 50% down payment and work on the first draft of your album and send it to you for online proofing. The reviewing process is very easy and quick.

Our pricing includes 3 times back & force to make any changes (and it's usually sufficient). Additional requests are at $100 for each review.

1. Album Size

Available sizes: 8×8, 10×10, 12×12, 8×10 (Vertical or Horizontal), 9×12 (Vertical or Horizontal), 11×14 (Vertical or Horizontal)

2. Photo Paper

GICLÉE MATTE – thin pages, smooth, layflat, acid-free

3. Cover type





4. Cover text

Anything you'd like to be debossed on the cover – your names, initials, date, lyrics, etc

5. Cover Font & options

In the form below please mention if you would like the text to be in CAPS or all lower case

5a. Standard

You can check the Standard Text Guide here

5b. customized

You can check the Customized Collection Size Guide here

6. Text location

7. Cover text color style

For Luxe Leather and Vegan Leather you can only choose Blind Debossing.

For Luxe Linen and Vegan Suede you can choose between Blind, Silver, Gold and Pink Gold.


We suggest calculating based on average 3-4 images per spread (one spread is 2 pages). Some spreads will have only one image, and some others around 5-6. Overall, we advise choosing about 120-150 images to show all parts of the day in the album.

Your online gallery has an option to highlight your favorite photos – simply press the heart button next to the image you want to add into your favorites. Once you are done, let us know and we'll be able to see your favorites on our end.

Option 1. You pay the full balance in advance before we start designing the album for you.

Option 2. You pay 50% at the stage of designing and 50% after you approve the design and we get to order the album.

Our design services can be done in 3-5 business days depending on how fast we receive your proofing and feedback. The actual printing and shipping can take up to 2-3 weeks depending on seasonality. So in total the whole process may take up to 3-5 weeks.

Once we are done with the first draft of the design, we'll send you a link to review it. You don't need to create any accounts or register elsewhere, you'll simply press the link we send and review it spread by spread. You will be able to leave a comment for us at each spread requesting any changes. It's all easy-peasy and super fast.

You can request changes in your choice of cover and text (but not the size if we have already started working on your design) before you finalize the design. Once you finalize the album and we are ready to place the order, no changes can be made.

The price includes our design services, three rounds of proofing, printing and shipping. All prices are subject to NYC tax (8.875%).

8×8, 10×10, 8×10 (v+h)

15 spreads (30 pages) – $1,800

Add'l spread (2 pages) – $35

12×12, 9×12 (v+h)

15 spreads (30 pages) – $2,000

Add'l spread (2 pages) – $40

11×14 (v+h)

15 spreads (30 pages) – $2,200

Add'l spread (2 pages) – $50

8×8, 10×10, 8×10 (v+h)

15 spreads (30 pages) – $1,300

Add'l spread (2 pages) – $33

12×12, 9×12 (v+h), 11×14 (v+h)

15 spreads (30 pages) – $1,500

Add'l spread (2 pages) – $40

11×14 (v+h)

15 spreads (30 pages) – $1,700

Add'l spread (2 pages) – $50

Album Design Request Form

if you have any questions or would like to share your ideas,

don't be shy to email us back at

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