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Our goal is to be a valuable asset to your vendor team and make the entire photography experience smooth, seamless and most efficient for you.

I have written and created a few helpful guides to give you the exclusive access to my knowledge: reliable vendors, useful information, ideas, tips, advice, etc.

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Wedding Welcome Guide

The ultimate wedding photography guide where you can learn what to consider (photography-wise) when planning your wedding: lighting, locations, timelines, group shots, and many more.


Engagement Session Guide

Why to book and how to plan an engagement session. Tips on how to approach a session, lighting, styling and locations depending on your preferences.


City Hall Elopement Guide

Step by step guide on how to elope in the City Hall Office in New York for those who choose intimate celebrations and/or visiting from out of town.

fine art Albums

There is a certain pleasure to hold your photographs in hands, feel the texture of the paper and reminisce about your beautiful wedding day.

As if in a good old movie, imagine picking up your album from the shelve and show your photos to your friends, family and future children over Thanksgiving dinner. We romanticize and imagine these books carrying your past memories and contribute into creating the new ones.

Pros of ordering your albums with us:

It's simple and saves you lots of time. We are equipped with programs and tools to create various album designs in an efficient, yet beautiful artistic way

Quality control. We use two companies that are exclusively work with wedding vendors to print fine art books. We know and rely on their quality of paper and prints to serve you a lifetime.

30 page 9×12 album

Linen/Suede: $1,500 / Leather: $2,000

30 page 11×14 album

Linen/Suede: $1,700 / Leather: $2,200

Duplicate Parent Albums

30 page 8×10

Linen/Suede: $1,100 / Leather: $1,400







Make up




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