Breanna & Patrick || Catskills, NY


From Breanna & Patrick:

“My (now) wife, Breanna, and I hired Larisa as our wedding photographer and, I’m sure as you’re reading through heaps of wedding vendor reviews, but you can stop now. We are ECSTATIC with the choice we made… We think anyone should contact Larisa to make sure you can snap her up for your wedding date. First of all, Larisa is extremely professional while still being wonderfully personable! I think those are incredibly important qualities to seek in someone you are not only doing business with, but also someone that will be capturing your true, joyous selves, as well as a multitude of friends, family and details, at one of the most personal events of your life. She is incredibly prompt in replying messages, and we knew where we stood with her at all times, whether it came to sharing ideas about creative direction, where to shoot our engagement photos, or how we would handle payments. She was organized and responsive, and that made us feel comfortable relying on her to capture such important, and multi-faceted events, personalities, etc.

Further, Larisa was extremely flexible, and never seemed at all stressed (in fact she calmed US) about the hectic scene crashing around her that was mine and Bre’s life during our wedding planning season and the wedding itself, in fact she seemed to be thrilled at the chance to join in with us at some of our events- she added so much to the experience by just being there, being joyful and calm, and having a blast! Larisa is incredibly warm and engaging, funny and so creative! If her professionalism is what opened the door to our easygoing selves, Larisa’s humor, direction, and general friendliness, while still “giving you space” helped coax out mine and Bre’s inner models! My wife and I are not naturally comfortable being photographed, but Larisa was patient, would joke with us and talk with us through our pictures, and she helped break me and Bre out of our self-consciousness so that we could take amazing pictures we are wowed by.

Larisa is also an INCREDIBLE artist and photographer! She had amazingly creative ideas about where to shoot in our sleepy Brooklyn neighborhood, and an absolute vision as to how our day would best be captured. She has an inimitable style to her photos that is visually arresting, unique, and, very importantly for me and Bre, not cheesy. Our photos range from affectionate, to intimate, joyous, and passionate. Bre and I looked through scores of photographers on various wedding websites and Larisa’s were by and far our favorite.That being said, while she has a definite artistic vision, Larisa also worked with us for shots or scenes we requested, so that we never felt like our voices weren’t being heard, but just added to.

Finally, the pictures arrived exactly when she said that they would, and she added some great panache to our wedding picture package delivery. She printed out many of the best ones on high-quality paper, included the rest on a thumb drive, and had them all bundled in a beautiful package. In all, if Bre and I renewed our vows every year, we would hire Larisa every time, as she is that thing that Bre and I imagine we’d want in any photographer we worked with: a professional and an artist”.


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