you may have wondered...
Where are you located?

I’m based in New York City, originally from Russia. I moved in 2012, and am happy to call this crazy place my home since then.

Do you work outside of New York and the US?

I’m always eager to discover new places and explore different cultures. Most of the times I don’t plan my trips ahead, and just hit the road as an opportunity comes. So if you are looking to celebrate your wedding, say, in Europe or elope in South America, feel free to shoot me a note and we’ll take it from there.

What is your travel fee?

For weddings outside of the New York’s 5 boroughs, the travel fee is $200.
For weddings that require car rental and/or are more than an hour drive from NYC, the travel fee is $300. In some cases there may be additional accommodation fee depending on your wedding schedule and arrangements.
For weddings that require an airfare, the travel fee covers my flight cost, 2-3 night accommodation and rental transportation if needed.

We are eloping in New York and not familiar with the city, can you suggest best places for taking photos?

Of course! New York is my playground, and I’m always very happy to tour you around my favorite streets and hidden corners.

How many photos do we get?

The number of photos depends on the number of hours you book me for and also on the number of your guests and intensity of your schedule. Normally I deliver between 500-1200 photos on a regular wedding day, and I never withhold any photos just to cut it to a certain number.

When do we get to see our photos?

It usually takes about 8-10 weeks (sometimes faster; depending on seasonality) to get your wedding photos. You’ll receive a physical package with USB and 4x6 prints and also will have access to your online gallery to share with family and friends. If you'd like a faster turnaround (2-3 weeks), the fee will be $500.

Do you work with a second photographer?

Yes, and for weddings over 100-120 guests I would advise to have a second photographer so you have more angles covered and more guests pictured.

What do you shoot with?

I’m a Canon girl, and my main cameras are Canon 5D Mark IV.

We want to meet you before committing. Are you available for coffee/drink?

Always! I actually insist on meeting in person prior to contract signing to chat more about your wedding and check if we all are comfortable with working together.

Ok, we want you for our wedding. What’s next?

I require 30% retainer to book the date, the remaining 70% is due on a wedding day or prior (I'm super flexible).

Can you help during the planning process?

Absolutely! I'm on board from beginning to end, so please do include me in the planning if needed. Sometimes it's necessary to keep your photographer in the loop in order to figure out little details in decor or timeline or anything else.

What happens if we need to reschedule or cancel?

The deposit is not refundable; and if you'd like to book me for a wedding again, a new deposit should be made. However, if you'd like to reschedule a small shoot (e.g., engagement) due the weather or sickness, usually there is no charge as long as we can find another spot within the same calendar year.

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