I was born and raised in Russia and travelled around Europe, and that had a big impact on my personality - I'm easy-going and flexible, goofy sometimes, but stubborn and dedicated. In 2012 I moved to NYC not to chase my dreams, but to follow my heart. 


I still have no idea how I have become a wedding photographer, but I truly love to observe and capture that special bond two people have, the energy and electricity between them. I'm very happy to see that modern weddings take a new turn, and more couples enjoy themselves and express their individualities while planning and celebrating their big day. 


I enjoy documenting an entire wedding day, and I think that the most ridiculous, emotional, silly, and sentimental moments make most valuable memories. And I'm happy to be the one to be there for you.



Random things I'm crazy about: traveling, urban jungles, water and mountains, loft spaces, shoes, cappuccino, London, cracked tile floors, avocados, road trips.



Please don’t be shy, send me a note, tell your story and share the most adventurous ideas you have in mind for your wedding day! And let’s have fun!