Let’s face it: I’m not a typical wedding photographer, or at least I don’t think I am. I’m not following fine art polished style and not exactly moving towards glossy images either. I have strong feelings against everything that the industry dictates us to do and always advise my brides and potential clients to be genuine to themselves and follow their hearts when it comes to choosing their vendors.


Below are few questions I hear from my [potential] clients most often, and few other questions I’d like you to keep in mind if you are looking to work together. You can also ask me anything here in comments below. 


     1. How do you describe your style? 


I would say I’m more of a photo journalist who likes to document things. A wedding is an event where things happen very fast, and you may need a photographer who is here and there at the same time. This is me. I like to capture your grandma dropping a tear at the ceremony and you losing yourself on a dance floor :) I love this kind of moments and I hope you do too! 

         2. Do you charge for a 'meet and greet' session? 


No, and I will never do. Imagine that before buying a dress, you don’t have an opportunity to try it on or read its composition and product details. Same exact thing here. I’ll be happy to meet you over coffee, answer your questions, so both of us have an opportunity to check if we can comfortably work together. 


        3. What is your favorite part of a wedding? 


This is a tough one. I enjoy weddings and like to observe how the entire day unrolls.  But my most favorite parts are: 

  • bride getting ready - because it’s the most anticipated morning routine, and the details of the bride’s attire say a lot about her personality 
  • first look and couple portraits - because it’s the only time the bride and groom are together and focused on each other without any distraction; I always advise my clients to take at least 30-40 min before the ceremony to enjoy each other prior to the crazy schedule
  • wedding vows - because it’s such a pure and sincere moment to capture
  • party - because everyone is just being themselves and enjoying the vibes 

      4. How flexible are you in your approach? 


I do follow certain “rules” when it comes to packages and pricing, but most of the time I’m very flexible. I think I’m very generous with my time as well, as I will most likely arrive earlier and leave later than states in the contract. I’m the opposite of “corporate” and I value the kind and human approach in my business. 


     5. What inspires you when you capture weddings and engagements? 


Love and care. It’s amazing to see how far love takes us, how many expressions it has and how it unites us. It even makes me feel in a safe place to be surrounded by Your family and friends. Every single time. 


     6. Do you work outside of NYC? 


Sure thing! I'm also available to travel outside of the States too, and will be happy to discuss with you special rates for destination weddings. You can always contract me at for a quote. 


     7. Do you work with a second photographer? 


Most of the time I work alone but I do have a second shooter who works with me on bigger weddings.