It’s been a very fast and less busy month full of personal thoughts on the next direction to take. My corporate friends laugh at me when I describe my (and their also) lifestyle as boring as all of us chase some kind of socially established  agenda without digging into ourselves deep. I feel there is always a straggle between the inner male who is pro-fight for your rights and place under the NYC sun vs the inner female who is all pro-"live-the-moment" approach and seeking harmony. Sometimes they fight; and some other time they are best buddies. Sometimes they make me feel confused; and some other times they thrive and cherish each other. In any case, to live with both is somehow challenging, but I learned to love it. There is nothing more satisfying other than to feel yourself breaking free from your own cocoon and growing. In both personal and professional levels.

It’s late, so I will just leave you here on a half-developed and half-finished note. To be continued next month. I'm very excited for June and the projects it brings. 


Stay connected and feel free to share your inspirational list of the month. Check mine below.



The movie of the month: “Ochi chornie” by Nikita Mikhalkov

The song of the month: Sia “Unstoppable” 

The objects of the month: plants and cappuccinos 

The place of the month: Bluestone Lane West Village

The inspiration of the month: Faithful Travels