When traveling, I like the idea of staying in different places to see as many new things as possible. But I also wanted to stick around Latin Quarter for few more days to explore the neighborhood and the Left Bank (La Rive Gauche). Hôtel Monge was ideal, not to say more. Located in the middle of the 5th arrondissement of Paris, this charming 4-star hotel was completely renovated and reopened in 2016. At the moment you come in, you feel how thoughtfully the entire decor and interior was put together. It gives a sense of a stylish home, a Parisian mansion I would even say, other than a hotel. 


I couldn't think about anything that I didn't enjoy there: the staff was extra friendly, breakfast - very delicious, the room - super cozy. I still remember those goosebumps all over my arms when I first opened the balcony door and looked outside (or that could have been the chilly wind that day too!). And if you look carefully, you can even see the Notre Dame de Paris' towers from our windows. 

I could have stayed there all day long, with a crack open balcony door, reading my book while it's raining outside. I could have enjoyed my coffee on a small balcony every morning and sunsets over Parisian rooftops every evening. I could have relaxed in the hammam room downstairs every evening before going to bed. I just wish we had more time in our hands to allow ourselves live slower and enjoy every moment. Isn't it what french do?! 


Hôtel Monge

55 RUE MONGE - 75005 PARIS