No matter how friendly and amazing other places are, London stole my heart from day one during my first visit few years ago. We happily reunited this March and I liked it even more. The fact that my very first night I spent at Artists Residence added onto brightening up the experience as well. 


Artist Residence is a small boutique hotel with just 7 rooms. It's located on a quiet block in Victoria in a walking distance from the subway (or should I say "tube"?!!) station. Before I didn't have a chance to explore Victoria, and to tell you the truth, I didn't even want to leave the room. The suite we stayed was almost the size of my NYC apartment (even thought I can barely fit a king size bed in my bedroom here in NYC). Everything about this hotel is a pure gem - the fact that it's very private and small, yet recently renovated and nicely decorated.

But the best part of course is THE bathtub that faces the street! Almost every room has its own, but nothing in comparison to the one in our suite. Needless to say, I took advantage of it (twice!). The Bramley bath and body products (made from natural ingredients in the British countryside) that are kindly provided by the hotel are in my shopping list now when visiting London. 

Breakfast is served downstairs in the stylish Cambridge Street Kitchen located on the main floor of the hotel. Really great place to come over for coffee for a lazy morning or even with a laptop to work on a rainy day. Later on you can also grab a drink at Clarendon Cocktail Cellar (£10 for a cocktail) that has all cocktails named after masterpieces of art (e.g., Mona Lisa or Andy Warhol's Campbell’s Tomato Soup, etc). 

Thank you, team AR, for your impeccable hospitality! Xx